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The "Main Characters" of the home and farm at Bebensee

"In my childhood, my "want lists" always included two things: a cow and a dog.

Later on, I fell in love with the Galloway cattle and when I saw the first White Galloway, my passion for these wonderful animals and their beauty was awakened and has grown stronger ever since. The life of a breeder could not be a more exciting one. The birth of each calf opens up new surprises, and much can be accurately said  about the theories concerning the achievement of perfectly marked offspring." (Mechthild Bening)

The Main Characters

Mechthild Bening

"It is my ardent desire to breed aesthetic beef cattle of the highest quality. By recording the data on my herd throughout many years of breeding, I hope to be able to make a contribution towards solving the secrets of perfect marking."

Herr Klueschendorf

Herr Klüschendorf

A real "old boy from Bebensee". After many years working as an engine-driver, he finally returned to his roots: nothing works on the farm without his expert touch - from building fences to taking care of the animals.


Since May of 2016, Orangina - better known as Geeny - has made a great addition to the team, and thanks to her watching Roddy with an eagle eye, has always managed to get the best places for herself.

Blithe vom Bebensee

Born on our farm in 2007, this beautiful black mare with her daughter Juno, born in 2015, is hard at work trying to prevent the dying out of the Schleswiger Heavy Horse breed.

Juno vom Bebensee

Juno is destined to be one of the few black breeding mares of her kind in the world; but at present she is just happily enjoying her youth.

Schlesw.-Kaltblut Pferdestammbuch

Luna vom Bebensee

Once again a beautiful black mare - what luck for a breeder! Mother Blithe has done her very best with the birth of Luna on the 2nd of April, 2017 to safeguard the population of the Schleswig Heavy Horses.



The only hunter on our farm. Even without a hunting permit, he brings in a rich "bag" daily and is proud to keep home and farm free from "unwanted pests".