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Our present Calf Birth Year: U-year 2021

Every year anew, the excitement and joy of awaiting our calves! One would like to convince the mother cows by looks alone finally to present that which they had so carefully carried in their bodies for nine months. And then comes the giving of names: there are two methods for doing this and we must decide upon one of them. Either the new born bull calf is given a name beginning with the first letter of his father's name or the cow calf is given one beginning with the first letter of her mother's name.

The other possibility is to use a consecutive letter of the alphabet for each birth year of a calf and that is what we have chosen to do here in Bebensee. Names are continually  "hoarded", and then when the time comes, one hopes for the proper inspiration to bring forth a name.

Urmel vom Bebensee

With Urmel vom Bebensee, the sixth beautiful maiden among her seven calves, Pinova vom Altrhein has more than filled up the quota of female calves.

» Pedigree (PDF)

Universum vom Bebensee

The second calf of this breeding year, Universum vom Bebensee, has also most excellently confirmed the expectations of our Research Breeding Project!

» Pedigree (PDF)

Uecker vom Bebensee

Even though he was born during the cold evening hours, next morning Uecker was standing full of life and 'raring to go‘ out on the pasture.

» Pedigree (PDF)

Unikat vom Bebensee

Mama Rumpumpel picked a cold and icy morning to give birth, and so we had to lend a helping hand to her little Unikat warm and dry.

» Pedigree (PDF)

Underberg vom Bebensee

Raphia enjoyed the luxury - with springlike temperatures in the meantime - of having her first calf, Underberg, dry and frolicsome at her udder!

» Pedigree (PDF)

Utopia vom Bebensee

While we were getting ready to go and pick up our new puppy; Penelope with perfect calmness gave birth to her beautiful little girl, Utopia.

» Pedigree (PDF)

Underwood vom Bebensee

Röskvas first ever calf - a cow calf - had us all holding our breath during its first night on earth - three times the little one ran off - and three times she had to be brought back to her mother!

» Pedigree (PDF)

Usance vom Bebensee

Quintus von Osterfeld went to work 'flat out' for his first birth year, and quite successfully, too, as one can easily see by his first calf.

» Pedigree (PDF)

Unisono vom Bebensee

Quintus can produce a black calf, too! With Queenella von Bebensee as the mother of his calf, Mendel’s Doctrine comes to fruition.

» Pedigree (PDF)

Ukulele vom Bebensee

Once again a first calf which is the last research calf this year, and which, together with RisiBisi, brings back memories of the beauty of her Grandmother, MarilynMoroe.

» Pedigree (PDF)

Unless vom Bebensee

Just as expected with Hiltop Nesta, a wonderful calf; this time a cow calf of Quintus von Oesterfeld in the sparkling black.

» Pedigree (PDF)

Upsala vom Bebensee

Not even the unseasonable weather of Schleswig-Holstein could hinder LieselottePulver from giving birth to a wonderful heifercalf.

» Pedigree (PDF)

Übermut vom Bebensee

Just as with the last calf of her birth year, Quintus von Oesterfeld has „given her all“ in producing a very nice little heifercalf.

» Zum Pedigree (PDF)