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Our present Calf Birth Year: S-year 2019

Every year anew, the excitement and joy of awaiting our calves! One would like to convince the mother cows by looks alone finally to present that which they had so carefully carried in their bodies for nine months. And then comes the giving of names: there are two methods for doing this and we must decide upon one of them. Either the new born bull calf is given a name beginning with the first letter of his father's name or the cow calf is given one beginning with the first letter of her mother's name.

The other possibility is to use a consecutive letter of the alphabet for each birth year of a calf and that is what we have chosen to do here in Bebensee. Names are continually  "hoarded", and then when the time comes, one hopes for the proper inspiration to bring forth a name.

SundayEvening vom Bebensee

A few days sooner than expected, Herminchen opened the calving season on Sunday evening with a beautiful little daughter.

» Pedigree (PDF)

Spoerri vom Bebensee

He definitely wanted to wait until the gods of storm, lightning and the gale shaped and formed the weather for his adventuresome entry into life.

» Pedigree (PDF)

StormyWeather vom Bebensee

And his mother, too, wanted to hold their own and give birth in spite of the heaviest hailstorm and turbulent weather.

» Pedigree (PDF)

SunSélavy vom Bebensee

Born during the Duchamp Symposium, no other name could have been given to this lovely little cow calf than the one she has as a counterpart to Marcel Duchamp.

» Pedigree (PDF)

Sussex vom Bebensee

Having seen the "light of day" between lunch and teatime, this perfect bull calf bearing such a name will most certainly tread in the footsteps of many of the "royal family's" most ardent followers!

» Pedigree (PDF)

Servatius vom Bebensee

This little bull calf didn't really want to befriend his namesake, one of Germany's so-called "Ice Saints" whose saint's day is often marked by unusually cold weather. Instead, he would have preferred to have spent a few more days in mama's warm belly!

» Pedigree (PDF)

Sanibel vom Bebensee

Is the 12th calf of Engelchen, the "grand old lady" of the herd. Sanibel thinks that we should all wonder at her beautiful markings.

» Pedigree (PDF)