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The Active Herd of the Galloways vom Bebensee

A prestigious team of  "creators" have long been involved in a joint effort worldwide to contribute to the achieving of an outstanding breed of White Galloways.  There is no need for quotas, and although the powerful females are in the overwhelming majority, they are in the best of spirits when there is a bull in the midst of the herd.

Pythagoras vom Bebensee

Selected at an early age by the breeding master for a career as a stud bull Pythagoras was assigned his own herd very early. We hope that he will continue to develop so nicely.

» Pedigree (PDF)

Quintus von Osterfeld

Our ‚ÄěNew Boy‚Äú has ensured that the bloodline stemming from the genes of Copelow Niall has again entered into the Bebensee Herd. We are all hoping for great things from him.

» Pedigree (PDF)

Engelchen vom Bebensee

Raised as a "bottle-baby", Engelchen is always at one's heels so as not to miss any caresses.

» Pedigree (PDF)

Hilltop Nesta

As the only "true Scot", she remains modest among her girlfriends in the herd so as not to bore them with stories from home.

» Pedigree (PDF)

Hermine vom Altrhein

She has been with us since October 2012 – one of Django's enchanting daughters, and a granddaughter of Toffifee, she takes all hearts by storm.

» Pedigree (PDF)

LiloPulver vom Bebensee

LiloPulver is bigger then her fellow heifers,  as a bit of Canadian genetics from her mother shows.

» Pedigree (PDF)

Nuance of Colour vom Bebensee

She was the first calf in our Research Project in 2014 and now she is a lovable, attentive mother with her own splendid young ones.

» Pedigree (PDF)

Nevertheless vom Bebensee

As the last daughter of Toffifee, Nevertheless has an absolutely secure place in the herd.

» Pedigree (PDF)

Penelope vom Bebensee

Just like her Scottish mother, Hilltop Nesta, Penelope has now perfectly mastered her role as a mother. And with her "research calf" she has done her bit to confirm the results of our research program.

» Pedigree (PDF)

Queenella vom Bebensee

Thanks to her origins and the pairings made, this granddaughter of Django has met all the expectations of her with the birth of her first bull calf.

» Pedigree (PDF)

Röskva vom Bebensee

As the offspring of a 'conventionally' paired and undermarked mother, Röskva, with her perfect cow calf, was able once again to win points for our research program results.

» Pedigree (PDF)

Risibisi vom Bebensee

MarilynMonroe’s only daughter was also able to confirm the results of our research program. She, too, enriched the herd with a wonderful cow calf.

» Pedigree (PDF)