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On her farm at Bebensee in lovely Schleswig-Holstein, Mechthild Bening has enthusiastically devoted many years of her life to the breeding of White Galloways: "It is my ardent desire to breed these aesthetic beef cattle with their outstanding qualities", she says.

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Bakkely Janus

Bakkely Janus is by now "quite at home" at Bebensee and we are completely unable to conceive how a horse - and a human being - could survive without having a Schleswiger Stallion somewhere nearby!

S-Year 2019

Current Calf Year:
S-Year 2019

Tried and tested by the weather, HiltopNesta would allow nothing - not even thunderstorm, hail, or hurrricane-force wind - to prevent her delivering right on the dot her wonderful little bull calf, StormyWeather vom Bebensee.

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Galloways vom Bebensee

White Galloway Stars

With their research project "White Galloway Stars", the scientists at the universities of Halle and Göttingen are delving into the secrets of the impressive markings of the White Galloways.

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