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The meat of White Galloways

As if we Galloways discovered it all

The terms that are all the rage in the top kitchens of the land nowadays are nothing new for us beef cattle:

"grass fed" – As vegetarians, only grass and hay appeal to us, everything else would just make us fat and phlegmatic.

"back to pasture" – We have never lived anywhere else, in our herd, out free on the pastureland, grazing when we are hungry, chewing our cuds while we rest.

"more nutritious" – Our diverse, species-rich fodder growing on extensive, unfertilized grassland richly provides us with vitamins, and the wonderful marbling of our meat contains a large portion of the essential fatty acids (for example, the omega-3 fatty acids have a cholosterol-sinking effect whereas the portion of omega-6 linoleic acids, dubious for one's health, is relatively low).

"animal stress" – A term we know nothing at all about. We do not have to deliver lakes of milk, we bring up our calves ourselves, we can be amorous with our bulls whenever we want – and when our lives begin to come to an end, we are not herded onto a transport lorry along with animals we've never seen before but our owner takes us to a butcher nearby who ends our lives quickly and without a great deal of agitation.

"dry aged" – And after butchering, our valuable meat is handled with respect. Hanging for three weeks as a rule, and that is necessary because when we were alive we moved around a lot and the maturing process makes natural beef tender and tasty and intensifies the excellent flavour of the beef. Professional cutting up of the pieces guarantees that we did not have to lay down our lives just for the so-called noble parts - the filets, tenderloins and steaks – but that we have also provided the normal roasts just like they were in the good old days in grandmother's Sunday kitchen.

And where can you get these delicacies?

Has your mouth begun to water?
Now and then a Galloway from Bebensee goes to the butcher – often because of an advance order for a restaurant.

Please contact us by Email, if you are interested in meat from a Galloway.

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